I enjoyed playing Veigar - other mids that would suit me?

Hey guys I've recently played a mid game and realised how little I know about mid. However I enjoyed a game I played where I played Veigar and really enjoyed it. I want to learn more about mid lane and find some champions that suit my style. Most important traits: 1. Decent farming - I have difficulty farming on AP champions so if you know any that are easier to farm with then I'd appreciate it. 2. Ranged - I don't like melee assassins or assassins in general i.e. Zed, Talon, LB, Akali.. I like ranged high damage mages. 3. High amounts of damage, you can't really match a farmed Veigar when he combo's you but I'd like champions similar to him. 4. CC - I like having cc as I'm a support main, off role top lane. I love cc. Stuns/slows are desirable. :) So I suppose what I'm asking is, are there any champions like Veigar that would suit my "passive/safe/farm until I know I can _pop_ them" style? Thankyou for reading :)

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