Positional Matchmaking is a Nightmare

Context: Support Main trying to learn new roles in Normals to branch out So my average game when i now pick ADC in a normal looks like this: **My Team:** Me: _Plat 3_ 2: _Silver 3_ 3: _Gold 5 4: Silver 2_ 5:_ Unranked _ On the enemy team it's looking similar but without the out of place looking player from 2 divisions above the others. So now some might say the system is working as intended but i don't think so. Just because i am playing a different role i get placed in what is basically a low Silver game? This is not to hate on anybody from that ELO **BUT** my game knowledge and macro doesn't just decrease to that of somebody at Silver level This makes for very interesting games (by interesting i mean bad) since the assumption that i play that much worse on a different lane or role is plain wrong and now i also get to deal with a mixed bag of players who don't know what they are doing or how to react to the enemys plays half of the time. Without wanting to sound cocky but things that are as basic as cross map play and wave management completely fall under the table. This system is neither fair for your opponents nor your own team, half the time you will completely stomp your lane and the other half of the time you can only wonder what your team is thinking that they achieve by trying some wierd a** play if you can even wrap your mind around the purpose of their actions. Again not to say im better than everybody but there **IS** a difference in game knowledge that you can clearly feel making the games very volatile no matter your actions. _**TL,DR:**_ **_Positional Matchmaking made the games since it's initiation the least enjoyable experience i've ever had in League since i started playing._** **_I'm now basically hardlocked into playing Support if i want to play a game at my normal ELO_** EDIT: feel free to look at my matchhistory [My last few games as a screenshot](https://imgur.com/a/X8TJv6I)
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