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What Happened To League of Legends?
League of Legends has been around for 9 years, but so many fans have quit, stopped playing, or lost their passion for the game. I'm here to explain to you why that is and what happened to League of Legends. _____TIME STAMPS_____ 0:00 - Introduction 1:54 - Change Everything!
(skip to 9m2s) i dont know why but i ended up crying watching this video. It perfectly grasped all the problem i had and have with current league, problem that made me quit for a whole season (5) .. then why i came back only thanks to your boy{{champion:136}} ²² ... then with the latest patch(i mean season8 back) on rune/keystone: quit again and just came back to do my 10 ranked game, to get all the "freebies" (skin+champ) at the end of the season, given as a reward when you reach gold... It also perfectly remember me why all my season 2-3-4 friend stopped playing (yea . no: overwatch was not AT ALL the reason for that) and captured WHY they stopped .... i ll speak here of some stuff that is being brought by the video that, but also other issue. ²²aka: how aurelion is like a breath of fresh air, a "return" to all theses strange pick in this sea of streamline. Tell me RIOT: your goal is not to balance the game, that's obvious from a long time ago but then: why do you try to make fundamental change to champions and other stuff AS IF you wanted to have all your 140 champ viable? I already came here before, to complain about some rework back then (thoses who made personnality and character change: xerath, galio, GP, Sion.. rework that may as well be completly different champions... -.- ) and even today i still stick to my previous assesments. I don't care if X or Y champ manage to be competitive for a few month thanks to the rework and then fell back to oblivion because of course: riot can't balance all the champ, that's what rotation in the meta is all about ... **So if you do not care about having 140 viable character but only a meta roation: why would you bother reworking character ?!** _why would you destroy our beloved character for the sake of 1-2 month of relevance ?_ (i guess it bring money to finnaly sell urgot/galio etc .. but making new separated character would have done the same) Hell, with the time and history at my side i can safely say that some rework were a complete mistake. I still to this day miss _my old sassy GP and the fun i had with duo with a friend playing leona and exterminating botlane_. I miss my galio ... what are left of them? they are now basic streamlined champion.. not to mention my old AD sion able to defeat trindamere in 1v1 all day ... changes in the lore that turn so many good champ into wimp: remember sassy GP? now it's emo Gp (as the video show) **Remember Badass Xerath? the magnus, most powerfull mage that succeed in trenscending, by himself and his own work humanity itself ? yea now he is just a disney vilain.. why not rename him "Scar" from the lion's king while you are at it ? a stupid, a wimpy/grumpy disney court mage vilain who just stole a power that did not belong to him** ... Same for the global lore: why are champions even participating in this war and not obliterating everything? why are they so random ! they have NO motivation AT ALL : >"This god-like thing wants to take vengeance on the people who enslaved him but... um, fire him into the League of Legends anyway" "Zaunite street urchin with time travelling genius? League of Legends!" "The leading police force of Piltover? League of Legends!" "Scourge of the 12 Seas? League of Legends!" "Steam Golem seeking freedom? League of Legends!" "Noxian Exile who probably wouldn't want to be found by Noxian Authority on probable pain of execution? League of Legends!" "Hunting the guilty for a crime you were acussed and could be anywhere in all of Runeterra? League of Legends!" "Member of the spooky and 'no seriously really dangerous and totally not controllable' Shadow Isles? League of Legends!" "Literal embodiment of Death? League of Legends!" -when before, each had they reason, even if sometime they were a bit stupid, at least it explained how a lore-wise OP character can not insta kill and even **be "defeated" ** by a small fluffy yordle shooting dart. For example: Xerath who was the most powerful character agree too play along to study the energy emitting from the nexus who was unique. but now i am suppose to understand that this is an open battle? between Rats and Cosmic beings without rules? there is a limit to my suspension of disbelief...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Meanwhile you guys still says stuff like "we want to improve in the lore, it is verry important" were is the journal of justice ? stuff that goes beyon just backstories? things like ezreal dating lux? or the name of xerath's girlfriend ? (yup she had one, she died by now) Sure i like the lore about dematia, noxus etc ... but thoses pieces of lore wouldn't have contratict the old one. just expanded on it. Now with the new rune i can't even have fun with aurelion as i used to: it completly lock the playstyle. i can't pick a DFT to apply burn to all the enemies... no i am force to take the popular stormraider-equivalent... -why do riot decide to go from: "_we want to let the player decide and build the meta_" to: "_let's make them play what we want them to play ! so that they are enticed to buy this champ_ " Then there is the "new" map. the drop that broke the glass and made me stop for a whole season. why would you remove all the stuff that made the **summoner** rift a magical place ? were are the runes ? where are the wips? and all the other little thing ? why change the map into an emo version of it's previous self with much less detail? sure texture may be HD, but the charm of the summoner rift aka: the map that you would be using again and again and again thousand of time (so yea, it kind of is a big deal) why would you remove it for discount dota2 (yea sorry but before this change summoner rift had this unique vibe... not anymore) Anyway i'll just stop here, i'am a stupid wimp who got tear in his eye when thinking about this shit. i guess i will just do my last ranked and begone. it's hurt my hearth too much ... regardless of what i say how do you feel about league right now? do you agree with the video? maybe aside from people making a living out of it the playerbase was completly replaced with season 5+ "new" player so maybe i am just apearing as a stupid old fool who's only deserving answer would be "cry me a river" , but still... nb: oh and do not get me started on this essence stuff and the removal of IP ... NB2: what is even the point of playing normal draft now? since all character must be reworked to fit competitively, why is there even a normal draft more? it's not like i can reuse old AD sion and have fun or gp+leona bot alistar jungle etc ... (i just hope this topic won't get downvoted to oblivion since i am... kind of complaining...)
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