3rd StarGuardian team, who should be? Leave your opinion, who and why!

Imho, since they're all girls (except ezreal which I have my doubts) the new team should be: Supports: Taric : to join ezreal Sona : From all the support girls left its either Karma or Sona, and sona its been always a support pick that represents the role better than Karma who's been for long time a midlaner. adcs: Tristana : could join to help her yordle friend Poppy Caitlyn : She's the sheriff already so can be associated with guardian and protection roles. mage: Orianna : From all the girl mages left I think Orianna is the easiest to associate with protection and therefore I would nominate this one over Diana, Lissandra, Elise, Zyra, Cassiopeia, Leblanc and Anivia. Also Taliyah could be, but I think Orianna would be better.
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