How can you think you are a good player when using Soraka?

Literally, the girl has one useful ability that she spams all day. Her ultimate is global so no need for any skill there and her Equinox is just... well, its alright but there are better supports with more reliable CC. So tell me Riot, since Soraka was not really a problem before her "rework" like Zilean wasn't either. She just is not very involved, you stand at the back most of the game spamming W or your ult and do not really do much. Would you consider reworking her again to make her more involved so she can actually be played with a skill componant. At the moment, the person playing her might as well be AFK the entire game as she has no impact herself and is almost totally reliant on her ADC. I do play Soraka from time to time but her kit is so boring and uninteresting, regardless of win or lose, I almost instantly regret it.
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