All these easy to play champs are just too strong.

Ok, so i played Kayn against this Garen who rushed long sword. Predicatively beast him 1-3 but couldn't kill him cuz hes Garen and just q w away the second he sees himself losing a trade. Then came level six where i pretty much just couldn't do anything. i picked the darkin form of Kayn (the tank one) thinking the almost 10% max hp damage would win me the lane. Nope. nope. nope. Well my whole team lost tbh and garen just stomped everyone with BC, Youmus and warmogs. Then i played camille, into a trynd who picked ignite. He level 1 first blooded me which is my bad yh i tried to bate his ignite early it worked but he flashed on me under turret and survived with a clutch level 2 and q heal. then he preceded to not give a %%%% about ganks with a low cdr dash. would dive me and survive on 20hp because of his q heal which heals for like 400hp repeatedly. It is genuinely impossible to play against him and he seems to have maybe the highest base hp increase per level in the game. Now id like to know what is the point of making champs like this? why do they get such high reward with no risk involved? I mean Trynd autos minions and becomes impossible to fight with a FREEEE 33% crit rate? And CC is not an answer to this. I want to know why champs that require absolutely no mechanical skill or even knowledge are allowed to do such damage and allowed to be such powerhouses. I understand nasus who actually has to scale And who you can stop with correct aggressive play. But Garen, Annie, Tryndamere, Xhin Xao, Darius(but not so much since rework), Master Yi, Olaf, Malphite, Mundo and PANTHEON! They are reworking Yasuo purely because this season people have decided he is annoying to play against. What about all the champs that are actually annoying to play against? The ones where you go through insane effort with zed to place your shadow just behind the enemy malz, your positioned perfectly so he cant flash away and you have eyes on the enemy jungler so its gonna be a pure 1 v 1. so you ult and then he presses e, w, R and you die without being able to move. The frustration lays in all of these champions. There needs to be a challenge Incorporated into champions in order to justify their strength such as in Draven, Riven, Yasuo, Jayce, Nidalee, Elise, Zed, Ahri, Oriana, Illaoi, Maoki, Naut, Sion...etc. Someone like cait shouldnt be dealing anywhere near the damage draven is doing when the draven is committing so much effort and mechanical skill into the champion. But should the mechanics not be implemented properly then draven should do no damage. Which he really doesn't. ADC is pretty balanced in this regard. But primarily top and mid need a lot of work. What do you think? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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