Buff Kindred

Right now, I believe the position for marksmans (at this current moment) is horrible. With this said, a marksman jungle like kindred is having a horrible time. Let me list some of her bad points: Her passive, the hunt. Revolves around you counter jungling the enemy jungle. For this to work, she must be stronger than the enemy jungler or at least have team mates ready to support her. Her passive where she toggles who to hunt, is also lack lustering as you only get one stack from it. I beleive this should change and give maybe 2 stacks instead of 1. Her counter jungling, is questinable. With the current matches at this point, she requires items to even come close to be able to killing someone Her ult. Level 1, it's a 2min cool down. Her main way of coming close to solo killing poeple without many items is the use of her ult, which is an absolute long time. This makes her passive just as useless when marking the enemy jungler aswell as counter jungling without the fear of dying to your oponent. Good things about Kindred? If she does somehow get ahead, without the enemy dominating her. she provides decent damage for the team. However that cannot compesate for her lack of survivability. That is pretty much it Conclusion Buff Kindred. Rito pls
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