Well well well ... It has been an amazing journey!

Well here we go! I started playing this game when it was actually playable u know when tanks suppose to be tanks not oneshot whole team and still tank and take like 300 damage from 5000 tower shots .. Its okay it happens. Then wow new champs lets talk about that. We have champions that are other champions, we have champions that steal your ultimates and we have neeko. Life is great ulting on 2 hp varus turning into 4k health neeko then using goddamn sylas R and stealing ur ultimate and eventually ur life. Huh i cannot compliment this game enough. Im in a loss for words. Every second since season 7 my blood pressure wasnt good. This game should be extincted. I goddamn lost my vision out of rage. You are doing 20/0 draven and then suddenly random Zed/talon/irelia comes to my lane Q and im gone to heaven. Sad. I cannot play this %%%%%%ed game anymore and im sure im not the only one but ofc some of you will say " I LOVE THIS GAME ".. Ah those things .. Bye %%%%%%ed game and most importantly bye %%%%%%ed balance team ( like there is one lmao ) and god thank you for today for making me lose so much that i came to this point. I am forever grateful that i will not be playing this cancer again. Ty and peace
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