Unpopular opinion: Riot should not listen to the Community when working on the assassin roster

Why you ask? Because a lot of people seem to forget that for almost every assassin there is some sort of counterplay. The problem is that, in most cases you have to rely on your Team to not die as a priority target. The basics include : Staying with your team / someone with CC Map awareness Positioning Knowing the enemies execute Not roaming without vision. Have you Played assassins creed maybe? In most cases you wait till the target is isolated or feels secure or is unaware of where you attack from and not dive in head on (even tough it does work at some points) Now i will not say that every assassin is balanced. In some cases they may be too rewarding without appropriate risks. And giving every assassin a niche / Reason to be played regardless of numbers is a goal worth aiming for. But the very vocal part of the Community that just hates assassins for the sake of existing should not be considered if it comes to reworking them. Because if that happens they will be dmg-less, without escapes and Telegraphed indicating three minutes in advance what they will do (exagerated) Sincerely someone who does not main assassins and still enjoys playing with or against them
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