I can't be the only person hating the ADC changes

To all people who main ADC, please tell me I'm not the only one who is 95% ready to quit this game! Graves's kit is stupid. You can counter him the same way you would a Blitzcrank Q.... REALLY? And the reload shit... making the transition from farming to harassing practically impossible in laning, his Q is so easy to dodge.... I can go on but no point. Kog, Quin (who was weak before.....), Ashe the list goes on. Rito promised to make ADC's more relevant and diverse, not weak and useless. This game is becoming dumber and dumber, and all their focus is 100% on the pro scene and they've completely forgotten about the player base that isn't part of the 0.5% -_-" and it is the rest of us that MADE League as popular as it is today. Anyways I'd love to hear the thought of other ADC mains on these bullshit changes.... oh and Juggernauts have been untouched, cause having lower ranges on ADC when a Darius can poop on you just by looking in your direction is cute as fuck.
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