Everyone Can Use Wards - Vision Is Not The Support's Job

**Everyone gets a free trinket that upgrades automatically. You can choose: Yellow Trinket - it recharges itself - invisible unless swept Blue Trinket - safer warding from a distance - visible wards Red/Sweeper Trinket - used to sweep wards Pink Wards - 75gold - everyone should buy these Now, supports should be building sightstone. If they aren't building sightstone, for me its a really bad sign. But a sightstone only grants 3 ward charges, whereas before it granted 4 wards. Therefore the support/jungler building that item will not be able to hold vision for longer periods of time without backing. Everyone Can Use Wards! After every game I checked statistics. Even when I'm playing top/jungle/mid/adc, I always place the highest number of wards overall, and per minute. And its not because my wards keep getting cleared, or I go back often to base. It is because no one on my team is often serious about vision. So many of my games have been lost because we have no idea where that counter-jungling Rengar or Shaco are, or because the enemy mid laner is roaming but our mid laner has not pinged and we have no vision in the river etc. Vision is not the job of just the support. Junglers can now build Tracker's Smite - which allows them to place longer-lasting wards than trinkets. And if everyone on the team plays with their wards, pink wards or sweepers, the game is so much easier to navigate around. The team can move to other towers, contest dragon/baron/rift herald easier because you know who you are going to be fighting. Stop playing in the dark. Don't blame the support because you didn't place wards. If you push your lane and there is no vision of where the enemy team can come from, you have been dead from the moment you pushed too far. The most important word in Season 6 - VISION**

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