Nerf Lee Sin Its time

With an inherently broken kit and the new jungle favoring him like no other it is time to do something about this champ. I suspect he will be 100% pick ban in pro play on this patch and for good reason. Lee Sin never had the best clearing but the adjustments made to camp size and monster stats allow him to blaze through the jungle along with the in my opinion immensely overpowered tiamat (way too cheap!!) rush which not only he is abusing. That item coupled with the AoE he already has in form of his E let him clear camps other champions struggle with in record speed ( gromp raptors). The increased downtime between camps creates an abundance of ganking opportunities Lee can exploit like no other because of his multiple gapclosers CC and immense early game damage. Almost no champ can get away from lee at that stage ( You cant rely on dodging long range Qs we all know the fun play against ward jump E into Q no counterplay ganks even better with red buff on him ) This was previously gated by the fact that other junglers could get a much bigger advantage for themselves by farming which would have Lee fall behind. But right now he doesnt lose anything he can pull off way too many ganks unmatched in strength. I already mentioned his damage yeah that also is a problem, Almost no jungler can duel him for the deciding part of the game and at level 6 he can 1 shot anything that could potentially kill him while escaping from everything that survives the initial burst ( tanks who lack lees insane mobility and if you get to him well theres a point and click relatively short CD knockback that will send you flying) My teammates are currently making fun of me telling them to ban Lee ( Of course these lcs fanboys will do the same after seeing his pro play dominance) but its truly necessary. For anyone who doesnt know the stats, his winrate is at a ridiculous 51,5!!!! ( Lee Sin used to sit at 46 and was balanced not underpowered this is similar to Yasuo, if a highskillcap high risk champ has a winrate like this thats indicating massive issues ;in Yasuos case mainly the build but also his inherently broken state in Lees case virtually everything) He was on the rise for quite some time not the mention his permapick state of 33% of all games. Dont downvote just ask yourself how many of your recent games have been carried by Lee Sins its no longer the player its the champ.

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