TFT Frustrations

I just had 2 full days of gaming 6-8 hours both days and in every 5 creep round i didn't get a single item OR any gold, for 2 days of gaming. We litterally made it a game at my house to see how many times it was possible for this to happen.. My friend manage to get 2 items everytime, while i got ZERO items AND ZERO gold.. 2 hours ago i played another game, 1,5 full items vs 4,5 full items.. Sure i ended up last and the 4,5 full item guy was in the top. Died early on so he probably got more items after i left.. Maybe it is just me, but i really dont see why item drop is not equally split out. First round 90% of the games its 1 gold, ONE vs an item, then comes the 5 creep round where you get NOTHING at all.. So for two full rounds you actually only get 1 gold wich you cant even use to a roll or a lvl up... While others grap up to 5 items in the same two rounds..
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