Twisted Treeline is a mess

Games feel like they always stagnate and botters run rampant ruining almost every game, yet i don't see anything regarding any fixes, and improvements. If Riot doesn't care about the gamemode, why does it still exist? For one, the Nexus Blitz map seems like a very good replacement for Twisted Treeline for a 3v3 map. Some solution for the botters in 90% of the games would also be a nice improvement. I don't wanna sit here crying 'RITO FIX WTF' but seeing absolutely nothing on any potential changes just worries me that what happened to Dominion is going to happen again, but this time to Twisted Treeline. If anything is planned for Twisted Treeline i'd very much like to know about it because i do really think Nexus Blitz would be a better fit for a permanent gamemode. (repost because this was in the wrong topic before my bad)

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