I feel like ive been getting really bad teams in ranked

Okay let me do this by my past 10 ranked losses okay. 1st loss: Ahri, was doing okay, tho i was duked in champ select and thought i was going against a brand not a galio, i roamed for irelia to help her pick up kills, she goes afk, I have braum support and morde jungle who keep giving up kills to lee, draven and brand to the point were i cant even damage them and it turns into a clown festia were the whole team blames me for the loss. 2nd loss: Trundle top into olaf, is going okay, im pretty much winning my lane, but viktor gives up first blood, flames in all chat, kha ganks for mid and dies, and this point i try to tell him to play safe and buy mr, I also tell bot to place a ward at the back to I can flank (they dont even bother responding to me) I see kha is in trouble, i make a tp to try and save him, but insted of running towards to ward he runs away and into olaf, he dies, then i die, also viktor comes in for 1v3 and also dies. Everything goes back to laning, I get a kill on olaf, I keep warning viktor that olaf is missing, he doesnt care, or ward up, he keeps dying, bot lane is going okay, even though they still won't let me flank, so viktor keeps on dying and so does kha, all they do is rage in all chat, and by this point ww, olaf just turrent dive like its nothing, keep killing jhin (I later found out it was a frirst time viktor) 3rd loss: Braum: Well i roamed a lot for mid lane, had nice pressure in lane, I kept warding and pinging my adc when i saw ppl coming, she didnt care, she ended up getting killed, our top laner also kept dying, not wanting to come in team fights, as the end our adc went afk, our top laner was so far behind he did no damage and there was nothing we could do. 4th loss. Okay I was brand mid into lux, everything was going okay, but then gnar as he was 3/0 kept getting really cocky in lane, i kept telling him akali has hit her power spike, he doesnt care, and keeps trying to 1v1 her and keeps on dying, our talyia support just keeps on dying (16times) I roamed for bot 3-4 times, picked up a doubble kill on the first roam, still, even though i was trying so hard to be something for my team they just kept on dying, and the 4/14 ashe provided zero damage for the team. 5th loss Zigs: Okay a champion that I really love is zigs, I had a bad start on him, but thanks to be manging to farm up, we kept winning every single team fight, but then my team decide to flame me, say im doing nothing for them, they go in a 4v5 even tho before they got there I told them not to, they decided to do it anyone and got aced, even though we had a good chance of winning if they are be there as their backlane. 6th loss gp: Okay, I profromed badly on this one, nothing more to be said, lanes went even, but i myself wasble able to put out enough damage. 7th loss illiao, again, I preformed really badly, i deserved to lose this match , even though i made some good engaged that had no follow ups, I was just ganked way too much and put so far behind I couldnt do as much as I should have been doing. 8th loss GP: Okay, at the start irelia got 2 kills on me, but i was able to get around 4 on her because he built blade of the ruin king before try force. but then again I wasnt able to hardly anything after laning phase because lee sin support died 20 times and our ashe died 14 times, jinx then got a total of 35 kills near the end of the game and she just became a monster to were she could poke you forever without losing much mana 9th loss Karthus: Okay, laning was okay, very decent, but we had a poppy support who was against lucian and zil, she kept dying, kept getting poked out, and for this mf also kept dying to the point were bot lane was so far behind, then lucian kept coming to mid, i kept getting ganked, that put be behind, all because bot lane kept playing agressive for no reason. 10th loss Gp: Tbh, there jungler had such super focus on me, it was pretty hard to do much, tho i kept messing up, but what really messed things up was the jayce who kept walking into lane and dying on perpose and then said in chat "sorry i was letting my brother play" Okay down vote this if you will, but I hate losing matches were the game isnt even fun, I hate going into a match and knowing im going to lose 8 minutes into the game, it keeps happening, I keep getting the bronze player in my game, I keep getting the unranked players in my game, and this is really annoying, I never got unranked player in my game before and it keeps annoying me ebcause it keeps happening. I will check lolskill, and I will see a bunch of people on my team are taking champions they are like 30 percent win rate on while the other team are taking champs they ahve above 50 percent win rates on. I know I am not bad, we went into a ranked 5v5, my team created one, and my team listen to me, they allow me to flank, they will help me pressure lanes, they will back me up when i go to engage and most importantly, they dont start to flame me when i make a mistake. Now these havnt been 10 ranked losses in a row, ive had wins in between them, but the ones i have won are the ones were my team have allowed me to flank and helped me in my lane, the ones ive lost the jungler had been afk in jungle hoping for free win, the support is hoping for free win, and its just so annoying people have this mind set were they hope for a free win THIS IS RANKED, ITS COMPETITIVE no one is going to give you a free kill (unless its for penta, sometimes that happens) no one is going to let you farm for free, and if people see you playing passive, they will play agressive and beat you. im in silver 55% win rate and im just angry at how as of late ive been getting really bad teams and knowing that im going to lose within the first 8 minutes
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