Current State of ADC's After the Patch

I used to be a Jinx main, but now her midgame is half what it used to be and her late game status is as strong as her previous mid game one, I am so sorely disappointed that this patch cut the one thing I play adc for, damage. Now admittedly this is mainly only the case with auto-dependent adc's, caster ones like Lucian are absolute monsters right now and I don't mind that at all, just wish they could give auto attack ones some love, if not through base stats then at least re-reworking infinity edge, as its honestly a crap item right now that's essentially a shit version of Dominik's with a fancy crit chance label that doesn't even work without other items, so much of our damage as auto carries was dependent on the bonus base crit given by the old infinity edge, and now with it removed and no compensation given to carries the damage total actually went down, especially in the mid game, which is why I am just absolutely baffled as to why they also saw the need to reduce our base ad, keep casters how they are, they're fun and strong but counterable (With the exception of Kai'sa, way too good) but for the carries whos damage through s3-s8 was dependant on infinity edge, please, help us out a bit.

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