Assassin rework - Do not touch LeBlanc!

Hi all! So it is pretty much confirmed, that the assassin rework is going to happen sometime around preseason 7. And for christs sake dont you dare to rework, nerf or even make some minor changes to {{champion:7}} ! This champion is almost perfect as it is right now and I will tell you why. 1.) champion concept: With her specific theme of a being a "deceiver" LeBlanc is unique among other assassins. The variety of plays you can make on LeBlanc using double distortion and her clone is endless and reaches from a simple double jump, that everyone can perform, to extremely complex and hard to master outplays, as Siv HD showed us. LeBlanc can almost be seen as the ideal assassin, since she fulfills all the needs of a well-designed assassin champion: - perfect go in -> kill priority target -> get out combo. - strong laning phase and huge snowball potential. - falls off if she is unable to oneshot her target late game. - ultra mobile and slippery - extra tricky 2.) counterplay Many people complain about LeBlancs early game being "too OP" and "not fun to play against" However as a LeBlanc main myself I can confirm, that LeBlanc gets completely shit on in dozens of matchups. Anything that can absorb her burstdamage is an automatic counterpick for LeBlanc examples are {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:127}} When I play against LeBlanc, my weapon of choice is {{champion:99}}, because her spamable high range poke can stop LeBlanc from even getting close to you. Same goes for {{champion:115}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:268}}. You can easily ruin a LeBlancs early game with {{summoner:21}} and {{summoner:3}}. But all of this is not a specific counterplay against LeBlanc, its the counterplay against assassins in general. However as it should be the case with a well-designed champion, a good midlaner can counter LeBlanc with a quite simple yet unique mechanic. Champions like {{champion:26}} or {{champion:99}} can place their abilities on LeBlancs W portal thereby preventing her from jumping back out and forcing her to stay in an uncomfortable position. 3.) strengths and weaknesses A balanced and unique set of specific strengths and weaknesses is key of a well-designed champion. Now tell me, how is this not balanced and unique af: **Pro** - probably the highest single target burstdamage in the game (is key to her kid pls dont remove it, counterplay is there!) - extremely mobile - strong early game - strong follow up damage in an engage comp - very reliable as an assassin: If she fails to engage, she can still peel with double chains; WQR is almost always guaranteed to hit even if you messed up. **Con** - gets easily counterpicked - hard to farm early game, especially under tower - gets destroyed by MR items - W can be interrupted to deny most of her damage - has to jump into enemy team to deal damage at the risk of getting hard cc´ed and dying instantly. - has to step out of safety to wafeclear 4.) final words I am only one single high-platinum elo player, so I may not have the in depth knowledge you need to write such an article, but I am a 500k LeBlanc main after all, I know this champion better than anything else in League and I do believe, that she is in a very healthy spot right now. LeBlanc is played in the LCS, she has a decent winrate and her banrate is quite low. I honestly dont think, that this champion needs any changes right now, but if you really insist on messing her up, here are some **MINOR** changes I would make to her kid, after over 1000 games of experience. 1.) Please make her clone feel more relevant by adding some sort of indication that your clone will spawn soon, probably give her a longer stealth time to actually reposition yourself and the clone and please, for gods sake, give the clone a more intuitive movement pattern, because he sometimes feels like he is just walking around randomly and that is hard to adapt and imitate as a LeBlanc player. Also: If you really want to fulfill my wet dreams, give her the ability to change places with her clone when low. But I guess that would make her OP. 2.) Fix the hitbox of her E, its broken! Also it feels like her E almost always misses, if you jump right on top of an enemy and then cast chain. 3.) A visual update would be nice. Please dont ruin my LeBlanc!

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