Why i hate Riotgames !!

Thing Riot does: - give a shit about the community. - give a shit about pro-player suggestions. - give a shit about pbe suggestions. - selling their company to Tencent (chinese network company) - trying to get even more players into the game,.....at any cost (bye bye quality) - Riot shows statistics to prove you wrong. Results of Riot behavior: - you see ingame that Riots statistic is wrong. - no REAL teamranked ever again [*] - no soloq ever again [*] - more toxic people ingame than ever. - implemented a ranked system noone wanted (dynamic-que) - %%%%ed the game with season6 start. - killed it with the mage rework. [*] Source: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/dynamic-queue-and-future-league @Riot I leveled this smurf (my 4th) just to get this %%%%in message? NO SOLOQ ? Well done,....are you the next Blizzard? milking a game until its dying ? it looks like it
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