Mastery points rewards only wining,not ur ability to play champion

So,lets say i won my lane and my other lanes arent doint well, im somewhat fed and try to carry the game grouping with my teamates and we try to take objectives like towers,dragons or just push the lanes,but in the end we lose the game because our solo laners were much behind. So after that game i will get like + 200 mastery points and that guy who laned against me and lost the lane he will get +1200 mastery points even though he didnt do much for his team to help them win. So is that what this system is supposed to reward player for?Not ur ability to lane or cs per minute or how much objectives did u take or assist ur team to take them,wards per minute,cs at the end of the game and stuff like that. But all that doesnt matter as long as u win game,no matter how u win it! I agree that if win the game,then u should get extra mastery points for win, but wining should not be the crucial point for the system.So if i see someone with high mastery on certain champion,i cant tell the difference bewteen his ability or skill on that champion or the fact that he played many games on that champion.
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