Need advice to Climb

I am struggling to climb honestly not because of my self, Soroka game - Gragas said he is going to int as he is fed up of the game, ran it down 11 times feeding all lanes he went 2/11/2 Karthus game - Shen again said he is just going to run it down he went 2/12 Sett game - Bad game could have gone better Karthus game- Won Pantheon game - Blitz connected and bought items and disconnected we couldn't remake he came back near the end of the game and admitted he did it to troll so we couldn't remake (no one flamed him pregame etc no idea why he did this) It is honestly a crap show right now in games looking at these peoples match history they do this a lot, most people will say carry games but how can you win games when teammates persistently play to lose and grief. I need some advice because i am honestly getting close to just thinking screw it its not even worth playing anymore. I dont care if people have bad games with teamwork you can still win these games but there are so so many trolls right now.
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