Sylas - What ults to take and not to take

Disclaimer: I am going to talk about draft, which means no mirror matches, thus it is impossible to have ult of an ally (no matching champs in both teams and cant take ally ults from enemy sylas) From my brief experience, I wanna discuss which ults you shouldn't bother to copy (its not a steal lol) and which you should go for. First of all, be noted that when he copies an ult, he copies EVERY ASPECT of it, like passive abilities. For example {{champion:24}}. As long as you have his ultimate, your 3rd autos will do extra damage. {{champion:223}} This guys ult gives you damage on hit, that scales with max hp. {{champion:67}} When her ultimate is active on you, when you cast q you get the invisibility. {{champion:75}} {{champion:92}} When their ultimate is active, your abilities gain extra range. This one was really unexpected. {{champion:238}} . I took his ult and killed him with it. I reaped his shadow and permanently gained 60 AD! Also, some abilities lose a lot of effects, because they use diffirent parts of those champions kits, for example: {{champion:85}} You don't have his passive, so the bolts wont stack them and thus no stuns. {{champion:63}} Same as kenn en, no blaze. {{champion:134}} You will only get 3 balls (you can use ally syndras balls but not the case in draft) {{champion:161}} Huge part of his ultimate damage comes from organic deconstruction, as well as conversion to true damage. Sylas does not get that. So, which ults should you take and which should you not? At first I thought he wont have much use of AD ults, because hes AP and thus has no AD to scale with, but aperently pure AD ratios get converted to AP (at a lowered ratio) so what makes them viable too. Mage ults are good for dishing out nice damage. {{champion:101}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:112}}{{champion:30}} , you got the ap for scaling. Tank ults are the best ults you can get. Not only do they provide mass CC, most of them have heavy AP scaling (that most tanks dont utilize), meaning you are also going to chunk hard. {{champion:113}} and {{champion:32}} are absolute slayers! Global ults : {{champion:81}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:41}} All of them deal great damage, good for sniping! Finishers like {{champion:99}} and {{champion:51}} ults are also really good. Short cooldown: {{champion:38}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:96}} , very situational. An extra flash from kass is always useful, and late game you can have it at really low cooldown. Assassination: {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} Good if you wanna assassinate I guess, scalings do get converted to ap so they will deal damage. Escape: Always useful {{champion:26}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:11}} . Transformations are pretty situational as well. {{champion:126}} isnt that good, because he uses AD mostly. Ammo: Also pretty good, better late because short cooldown {{champion:17}} Traveling ults: Great for ganks (and ap scalings are good too) {{champion:4}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:98}} Now, what should we avoid? Ults that rely on other part of champions kit {{champion:122}} {{champion:134}} Ults that mostly boost your AD and auto attacks (unless you are a madman enough to play onhit): {{champion:11}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}} All in all, I love the ulitily this guy provides, hes incredibly fun to play and he sucked me back into the game after I quit.

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