Why does Zoe exist?

The champions that came out recently have become increasingly mechanicaly complex. Every new champion seems more focused in the possible outplays on the stage than the gameplay of the average player. This means that most new champions and rework all have flashy gameplay elements like dashes, blinks, invisibility and such. This has left little space for the older, more conventional champions. Every patch makes life harder for the jungle Volibear because is ganking tool has become obsolete. And poor Voli isn't alone. Last season's Worlds bot lane was dominated by Xayah and Kai'sa, because other adcs couldn't keep up. One of the latest champions added was Zoe. I don't know what Riot had in mind when they released Zoe. I've seen Zoes kill with just a skill. I've even seen Zoes killing with aas after missing every skill. While she is (probably) not the strongest champion in the game, she is a champion that makes a game not fun just by being there. Unless a Zoe player is terrible, even when winning it's just not fun to play against that champion. I started playing in the end of season 3 and I think I have not seen anything like this in all the time I played this game. Why did Riot release Zoe?
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