Why riot is going on a slippery slope

I'm not a "church door". I lose my temper when get attacked and flame. But I never verbally abuse someone if he's bad and he tries his best. Is true I sometimes come aggressive when I tell a player something: "please switch lanes, you got 0-5 and still feeding" and he still stays and feeds. I'm not perfect and I accept my chat restrictions. But now I got a 35 ranked restriction. Since i never trolled or afked in my life, i believe is something to do with toxicity. For me the 35 ranked restriction is a deal breaker. I hate the concept of playing normals without trying new heroes. I don't find it competitive or fun. Just a training ground. Now I'm forced to play 35 games. Since i play like 40-50 games a month that's absurd, i've been 1 month banned from the only thing that is keeping me in LoL and the only thing i payed Riot money only because I flame back. So now I'm leaving LoL because I will not have the patience to waste a month of my free time just because some under-qualified game designer thought: "Hey, let's ban decent not trollers/afks from the game because they responeded back to an argument, which you know is human nature". Just finished uninstalling the game. I hope you'll get only princess and butterflies to play your games. But it will not happen. You drive non trollers paying customers away while keeping trollers. The quality of this game is dropping, you can see it player behavior board by the fact the rants doubled. Good bye. I hoped to leave this game on my will not yours. Yet I wish you a sincere good luck. You need it Riot, to keep in bussines
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