Lack of knowledge in low elos and how the **** can we improve that

Aight bois here's the problem. Support main here, still silver because I dont play that much, can't invest as much time as I wish, but that's not the issue. I wanna talk about people that go in ranked not knowing their own champs (some people try champions in ranked, I just don't understand how one could do it, call me try-hard or whatever you all want, shouldn't be allowed at all, in fact I propose that master 4/5 is required to play ranked with that champion) or don't know the champions they are up agaisnt. On top of not knowing, people just don't listen. I'm not gonna cry about it because it is what is but can we at least not get matched with this kind of people? Or could block start working in order for us not to get matched ever with that person? I have been losing games only because someone keeps dying always out of position, sometimes they aknowldge their mistake and KEEP DOING IT. Another thing I want to bring to the discussion is not knowing how to play safe. How can someone not being able to farm, always getting poked and losing trades, and on top of all that, still cries for the jungler not being there, instead of just backing off, or ADC's that go ham, usually into a minion wave, then flame the shit out of their support not helping? This is the biggest problem with the community and RIOT doesn't care that much about it cuz they have their pockets full and game is always tuned for the pros. It's all fun and games but there are others who would like to enjoy the game and actually win and climb in the ranks. I can almost foresee some of the comments saying: you have to put in the time, you have to hang to it, you are just crying, you tilt too easily, etc etc. But isn't it true what I'm saying? Bans won't fix this by the way, because people don't learn. Also I don't think a guide would help because of two reasons: people don't want to learn and some don't even know english/have the brain to understand they're making mistakes and work around that. At least I admit my mistakes when I make them and I say sorry because I can understand that there are people like me who want to win. Signed, A frustrated support that is tired of losing.

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