Champion Bans needs to be as significant as before.

Here is my reasoning: On the day Season 1 Ended, 23rd august 2011, League of Legends had a total of 82 champions (83 if you count Talon, released one day after the season ended). Currently, the total champions that League of Legends bolsters is at a staggering 130. That is a little more than 58% increase. With that in mind, it seems strange to me that that Ban amount did not receive the same treatment. This applies even more so for Ranked games, where at the time being, we have so many options with team compositions that it's difficult to control them at all. Bans has becoming less and less significant in game play. If we can add 1 more ban to each side of the team (33% increase for each side), this would provide bans a greater presence in strategy and discussion in the champion select. As of right now, we have transitioned from thinking about banning certain champions to limit opponent's options, in order to play a certain strategy that has those champions as weaknesses, to a mentality that we need to ban the strongest meta champion simply because they're so precious, and there's not enough bans to constrain the opponents anymore. If you ban a certain assassin (Hi Zed), there's always another (Hi Talon). They function similarly, though have a different skill set. What do you think?
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