Skarner - the forgotten one (Riot please read)

{{champion:72}} Skarner is the lowest pickrate in the game globally with only 0.9%. His winrate ranges a lot but is generally below 50%, depending on which day you look. As someone who mained skarner since S2 I dare not play him in ranked - he is that weak atm. Around patch 7.10 he was OK and I had great success with him but now picking him even with 2k+ games on him makes me feel more useless than a cannon minion. Is there a particular reason for this? I know some people hate his ult but somehow {{champion:19}} WW and {{champion:90}} Malzahar, both with suppression ults, are healthy enough to be consistently strong. {{champion:254}} Vi received buffs and her ult has LESS counterplay than skarner's. Skarner has zero % HP damage so he HAS to build damage to deal any. He also has lowish stats compared to many other similar tanks/bruisers so he also dies a lot quicker in TFs than other junglers. Can we give him some basic quality of life buffs so he has a standing chance in the current meta? Not asking for anything major - simply make his pre 6 less insanely bad. He has no gap closer, low CC and low dmg pre 6. Fix at least one of these - make his Q dmg and W speed better at low ranks even if higher ranks are unchanged. This will allow his ganks to have an impact without his ult. Alternatively / Additionally make him get at least some stats in his "zones" even when they are captured by enemy. Perhaps only 50% of the captured bonus stats so its still very important to capture them but it doesnt become pure feast of famine - when enemy team is ahead and capture the points skarner has absolutely no chance. Given his super weak pre 6, enemy team usually gets ahead as well. This will make the game more strategic by allowing skarner players to focus fights around his zones/objectives.
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