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Hello everyone! Since everyone is so excited about assassin reworks (and some, understandably, not so much) I've decided to write a bit about what I'm currently feeling when playing the new assassins on the PBE. I've played quite some games by now, but since many of you probably don't have a PBE account I really wanted to share so of my experiences to hopefully give you some insight into the changes. Without further ado, let's start: {{champion:55}} Ah Katarina, the reset queen of pentakilling. On live she's known for being the fastest at applying her QWE spells to someone, on the PBE this is luckily no longer the case. Her new skillset allows for more interesting play surely, and more damage if she pulls it off right, but you can definitely now do something about it. Basically: her Q and W drop daggers, that she can pick up to trigger her old W (Sinister Steel), resetting her Shunpo cooldown. This new spin attack does significantly more damage lategame, but you can escape from the positions where her daggers drop as they take a bit of time. More counterplay for sure, more payoff for her if she does it right as well. I like the changes a lot myself. Current feeling: She's slightly overtuned maybe, but only time will tell for sure, she's hard to judge right now. {{champion:7}} Ah LeBlanc, famous for deleting people in mere nanoseconds. Currently she's known for being a huge lane bully that deletes squishies like it's nothing. On the PBE however, she takes more time to setup her combos, while doing arguably more damage. Her main new features are her passive and ultimate. Her passive causes abilities to mark enemies, and after 1.5s the mark is ready to be proc'd, which deals huge damage. Basically you can see her damage coming now, and dodging her chains allow you to not get blown up most of the time. Her new ultimate allows her to create a decoy and really deceive people now. She's a lot harder to play now in my opinion, but still pretty strong if played well. She feels more fair for sure though. I think she's currently pretty balanced, but if people learn her better she might turn out to be more powerful than we imagined. {{champion:107}} Rengar, the pridestalker (better known as gray screen simulator). Out of all the 4 major reworks this one feels the least changed in playpattern to me. His ultimate now gives a huge head's up when he's hunting you, which is nice, but if you're alone out there you're still gonna die. His new Q gives slightly more reaction time for targets, but really he still blows squishies up in .5s so don't expect to get away easily here. His new ultimate now allows you to block him by standing in front of his target, which is nice, though from what I've seen he hardly cares and sometimes he simply proceeds to kill anyone who tries to stop him XD. Anyway, as I said he feels the least changed and I must admit his assassination pattern is still the same so adcs everywhere are still going to be sad about their lives. Right now he feels slightly overtuned to me, a fed Rengar can literally 100-0 bruisers in 2 seconds which might be slightly over the top. {{champion:91}} Talon, my old main since season 2, and still a very scary assassin. Personally I like his changes, he feels a lot more skillful in his play now. His earlygame is stronger but only if you hit your Rakes (which has become noticeably harder). His midgame is about as powerful as it is, he does have more counterplay now but if he gets on top of a squishy that person's still very likely to die. Lategame he feels a lot less relevant than any other assassin, which is a bit sad as he now feels like the weakest of the bunch. The parkours he can do with his E are hilarious, and pulling them off correctly can make you scary, but it's too situational and adcs like Vayne/Lucian/Ezreal simply have no fear against a Talon at this point, they can kill him as easily as he can kill them which makes him subpar compared to Zed atm. Likely will get more buffs in the near future though, so be on the lookout for that. Now I will shortly talk about all other assassins: {{champion:121}} Kha hasn't changed too much, but his passive and Q do even more damage lategame now. His new W and R evolution allow him to be a lot more slippery or lethal when used right. I like the changes, but with his passive and Q damage being increased he now feels ridiculous when ahead, he oneshots people faster than ever before which I really dislike as most other assassins are finally getting a fair burst window. Feels overtuned as well atm, but time will tell. {{champion:35}} More fun/interesting to play with or against now. Lategame he has more power in certain ways, which means he's no longer as useless when he falls behind. Update feels as if it's mostly geared towards AP Shaco, however, so I'm not entirely sure if AD Shaco will turn out underpowered. (everyone's playing him AP now) {{champion:245}} Same as usual, shifted some power to hopefully finally stop him from building tank. This guy got very few changes though, so I don't expect too much to change. With his passive's slow gone he feels a lot more fair now, so I guess that's nice. Probably about the same power level as on live. {{champion:105}} Even though his E is still broken in design, his new W is a lot more fair. You can actually fight back now (kinda). His ultimate's knockup is in my opinion still a problem, it sometimes completely hinders you from fighting against him. But I'll say it now: Fizz no longer pops people in half a second, so the changes got some positive impact at least. Power level is the same on live, when ahead there's still not much you can do against his combination of high mobility and high damage. {{champion:84}} Akali feels like she got the short end of the stick. With some damage nerfs she's just not as lethal as on live currently. She's still a capable assassin if played well, and I feel her earlygame has slightly improved with her new passive, but she feels weaker than before for sure. She might see some slight buffs now that she has more levers for Riot to balance her with. {{champion:238}} Zed is now slightly less easy to kill people with when he's put behind. Old Zed imo could always get kills, even when 0/4 he still had the damage if he needed to make a kill happen, now not as much. If he gets kills though, he still snowballs like old Zed, and his lategame is arguably slightly better now. Still going to be a strong pick at most elos, but he's now a bit more situational instead of the generalist amongst assassins, which is good. So those were my visions on the assassin reworks. If you have any comments or question, don't hestitate to tell me!

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