I want to work in riot for the lore team,i'll show you some examples of my talents:

{{champion:266}} :we don't know where he came from,but he loves making people fight. {{champion:103}} :A fox that became human {{champion:84}} : kunoichi that loves balancing things. {{champion:12}} : A cow that escaped from Texas with martin luther king. {{champion:32}} :sad crying mummy with alzeimer syndrom. {{champion:34}} : A chicken that was forgotten in the fridge. {{champion:1}} : her real name is tibbers. {{champion:22}} : archer that fires frost arrows. {{champion:268}} : A chicken that was forgotten in the sands. {{champion:120}} : A mighty poney that loves running on people. {{champion:82}} : A mighty deadknight that loves torturing and enslaving people that came from shadow isles + {{champion:412}} : A naughty torturer that loves torturing people and collecting souls. {{champion:122}} :A mighty noxian++'s fighter that loves cutting heads. {{champion:86}} : A mighty demacian+++'s fighter that loves justice and being the cause of widows and the orphans. {{champion:31}} : A mighty creature from the Void++++ that came to nomnom the shit out of people. {{champion:96}} : A strange creature from the Void thata came to nomnom the shit out of people and spit at them. {{champion:101}} : A mighty mage that Tesla and Edison failed to discover to exploit him. {{champion:236}} : A hunter pretending to avenge hiw wife,but he wants to collect all the chicken of the world.Only anivia and azir miss. {{champion:41}} : Yarr {{champion:81}} : Explorer {{champion:44}} : {{champion:81}} 's explorer +: much ghostly place,so fear,much souls,wow. ++:brutal city +++: city of justice (in the demacian's language,justice is a synonym of slaughtering.) ++++Void: They didn't have a wallmart. And much much more. I can show you more,but you have to hire me.
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