Evelynn Perma Invis + Charm without counterplay is bullshit

Who thought that giving a champion perma stealth was a good idea? Yes her stealth is only at level 6 but her Charm without counterplay makes up for that between 1-6. Buy control wards? No problem, She will just destroy them and comeback 10 seconds later. Dodging her Charm? Ha, Nice joke pal. Getting nuked from stealth + Charm without counterplay? It's fine, right? A Champion that forces me to play under my turret is straight up bullshit and not fun at all. Dont try to prove me otherwise. Unless i build magic resist and HP I'll get nuked under turret over and over again. Her ultimate does a zillion damage and warps her to safety, again, pretty fun stuff to play against right here. #SaltyToplanerMain
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