Few things and themes I think we lack in League

So here's the list of things, themes and champion features I think we lack in League and sure wait for Riot to give us in the future: --- old lady - this one is requested from time to time here on Boards. A lot of players would like a bad ass grandma or an old witch --- fat female champion - we have Gragas as the only fat champion out of almost 140, why not add another one? There was also a concept for a Storm lady some time ago that I liked http://i.imgur.com/grekodz.jpg -- http://i.imgur.com/J3oPJVl.png --- a male child - so far we have 3 girls in LoL, Lulu, Annie and Zoe. Why not a boy champ? --- a portal themed champ - redirect enemy and/or ally spells with 2 portals, go in and out of portls, mobile, travel through map. Think Yugo from Wakfu, Jumper, Portal games. Very unlikely since we already have Bard E and Zoe R --- a gas/swarm champ --- a parasite champ - can merge with ally and/or enemy or maybe take control? --- an offensive water mage - we have Nami as the only water based champ so far, why not an offensive mage? We have few fire and ice champ after all --- a sound/voice champ - a Banshee or just a champ that uses sounds to attack. Sona is and Aura mage, not a sound one --- a mirror/disuise champ - can copy enemy spells, take his form. For me it would be ideal LeBlank rework but LB has a lot of fans so probably won't happen --- a Void supp champ - support is the only role left without dedicated Void champ. I think it would fit with parasite theme --- a Yordle jungler --- an assasin Yordle - would be great if these two would be mixed, jungle assasin Yordle --- an AD support - so far all supports scale with AP, even tank ones. Does Riot not make AD support since they would have to make a supp item just for him? What do you guys think? Can we see any of these in the future?
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