My summary of all the things bad about League and why I might quit.

For the past 2 seasons or so I have had literally 0 fun in league of legends, I have dreamt of becoming an Esport player and such but now I realize how badly designed the game is for that. The game is broken, all of its aspects. Riot doesn't intend to fix ANY of the core issues with the game like %%%%ed up pathing, minion and tower behavior, interactions with all abilities. There is SO MANY THINGS that are bugged that making a list of them all would be impossible. Its not fit for consistency as a sport and not enjoyable enough to be what it should be- A VIDEOGAME. After many many ranked games I have gotten to Diamond 3, my highest rank yet. I felt so good because as I said in one of my previous post I earned 10 lp for a win and lost 30 lp for a loss. It was a WELL EARNED rank, but meanwhile at Riot's office they messed something up so they decided to demote everyone. Nothing changed, only my rank got lowered. After this incident I lost most- if not all motivation to climb, I was going random champions in random roles and basically didn't give a single %%%% about anything anymore. I mean what can I do when Riot just literally rips your hard work to shreds and tells you that you've just been caught in the middle. So I played like another 50 matches in Diamond 4, bouncing from 100 to 0 while getting 20 lp and loosing 20 lp. All because I just don't care anymore. Each game goes the same way anyways, I go to my lane, win the lane, roam as much as possible under the circumstances, yet my team plays as if they were lower rank than the enemy. I'm not saying they're bad, don't get me wrong this is not a rage post about my team sucking. They're just not on the same skill level as the enemy team shows to be thus ultimately loosing me the game. Just because loosing out of pure luck is not enough, my team constantly picks me to be the bad guy in the whole game because I don't do what they THINK I should do. Be it a bad baron call, be it diving an enemy laner that has teammates nearby, or be it just literally the smallest thing like how I hit minions. I'm muting them all the time, that doesn't stop them from just giving up mentally. Spamming the Surrender button and AFKing in base for the last 5 mins. If your game relies so much on luck, then some people like myself have an absolute HELL of a time climbing because of my bad luck. Some Champion designs are absolutely out of the world badly made, let me give you a few example of what I mean: Vayne: A ranged Marksman with %health true damage with a 1 sec true invisibility on her dash (Q) that has a cooldown of 2 seconds and refunds half of it, meaning she can literally press R into Q- Dashing, 1 sec invisibility (basically invulnerable), bonus AD, most likely crits for a total amount of 340% damage, plus on hit effects give or take, after the first basic attack that most likely takes half your health, she instantly uses her Q again without even giving you time to react which has the same effects, on her third Q she gets a 14% maximum health true damage. If she gets into lategame, you LOST, there's literally no chance of you winning if the enemy Vayne is an average player. Riven: A bruiser with 4 dashes, 1 stun, 1 knockup, 1 shield and bonus AD plus an extra ability on her R Her laning phase is way over the top because at level 1 she gets 3 abilities that all proc her passive- %bonus ad, meaning at level 1 she has 3xQ that gap closes - 44Damage, 3xAA - 80Damage and a knockup for a total of 372 Damage at level one! to give you an example, the highest health having champion at level one is Aatrox with 580 even with armor it takes half your health. All of which on a 13 sec cooldown. Not to mention her weirdly dumbed down mechanics, overpowered teamfighting potential because of all her abilities being AoE, massive mobility with those 4 dashes with low cooldowns. Vladimir: A tanky mage with lifesteal on 2 abilities with an invulnerability He functions as an early game bully champion that is basically ungankable, he outsustains everyone because of the spammable lifesteal, has good burst from his empowered Q, E and R. With all of this you would think he'd be an early game oriented champion but in reality, He's a lategame carry with one of the best AoE bursts that win teamfights in a second. There is no time in a match where he isn't good. Not early. Not late. I could go on and on about more champions like: Kennen, Kai'sa, Kindred, Lulu, Zyra, Morgana, Jinx... They are incredibly overstat and they push Champions out of the game. My point with this post is to say that League of Legends is not a fun game, its not a good Sport and is basically an addicting, time consuming, power draining tool for Riot to funnel money from people's pockets. The whole company survives from a Single game, they're pushing it to the absolute limit to get people to buy things. If you don't believe me then explain why did they release the Prestige skins? They're basically chromas with a border. And last but no least, the community. League of Legends has the absolute WORST community I have ever seen in my life. Each game people hate each other, every match the winning team shittalks the loosing, people single out one player in the team to hate just because they're frustrated. The game is filled with toxicity. And YET THIS IS THE BEST SIDE OF IT ALL! The rest consists of idiots. Wanna be pro players, Twitch streamers, An audience that is inherently naive and childish, Egomaniacs, Sluts, Smurfs, Boosters. I cannot wrap my head around how many people like Tyler1, the embodiment of everything thats wrong with the game. AND RIOT SUPPORTS HIM! He's got more than 10 Permanently banned accounts, is flaming, inting, trolling, griefing games - RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT! He did not change, he WILL NOT change and he should be permanently be removed from the game. In my opinion he's either one of the most pathetic human beings that I've ever seen, or he's just acting like many other Twitch streamers for money. For my last point, You, who will be looking at this and wheezing because you disagree with me. Let me just say that Boards is a very restricted place to write opinions, if they're even a little bit controversial by the MODERATORS standards, posts WILL get removed, posts WILL get mass downvotes because of Mods, accounts WILL get punished because of insecure people who fool themselves into thinking they have some real power. For example, I was making a point about the delicious candy called Negro that originated from Hungary, my home country. I was described as a horrible racists %%%%head who deserves to be tortured, raped, killed and desecrated just because of a candy from a nation I'm proud to be part of. Now that, ladies and gentlemen. That IS Racism, you're racists for hating me because I come from a country that has some candy in it. What the %%%% is this hypocrisy, these mods (and users) should be punished, not me. This is a bad game, that has sprouted into a toxic community, with greedy creators and employees. I rest my case.
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