Thought of an interesting game mode: Bounty Hunters (No idea if it's been said before)

League Of Legends - Bounty Hunters A shot 20 min game mode that is based off of points collected over time. The mode will have players focused on completing small quests which fit thematically with the area. These can range from fetch quests such as "Gather 5 mystical fruits" to "Kill the escaping beast". Spells can be used to hinder others as they complete their quests but will ultimately do little to no damage. However if people have picked up the same quest they can fight against each other as they complete them making it the game mode have an element of free-for-all as they will be considered their rival for the quest. It could be set in or around in a prominent city/town/village (or possibly even having several maps) which can be used to explore the 'daily lives' of those in Runeterra. I don't know if something like this has been discussed before, but it popped into my head and wouldn't leave till I placed it here, thoughts?

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