Riot fix ur s**** ( featuring Yasuo, the one who shouldn't exist )

I think Riot just fuking broke his game, it's ridiculous, I played a game, enemy Yasuo started 0/3, he got Statikk Shiv, we lost the game, that easily, with 1 object he almost oneshoted me as Lulu with ultimate, (playing support, we were wrecking botlane hard) Riot needs to fix his shit, do they really thinks this game is sustainable? Do they know about what balance means? One more thing, as a mage midlaner I need to say that u just made me re--think about playing LOL anymore, took mana potions from game, making Malz, Anivia and some others champs unviable at early... Just think of it for a moment, an average mana eater mage champ without potions now is forced to take MANA ITEMS to actually do something, the real problem is, if the enemy laner is Yasuo (or Zed ) and they take dmg items, who think is gonna have more impact in early and a clear advantage? I don't know if Riot's thinking is doing a good job or something... Im refusing to play till they learn what balance is and DO FUKING SOMETHING ABOUT YASUO.~~
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