Nasus is a problem!

Captured with Lightshot
I've been playing way too many times against Nasus players and I usually dont like to brag about champions that are OP and stuff but I had to create this post. I think Nasus got really undeserved buffs. He's literally unkillable and it got to the point he can carry a game 1v5. Here's the last game I've played against one. Everyone on our team was fed as hell (!!) and still we lost cuz we couldn't stop Nasus from dealing 800 damage to turrets or to us every 1 second. We. couldn't. 1v5. him. Every single player on the enemy team was completely useless (we were stomping them) execpt the freaking Nasus! (yes it really got me angry, which doesn't happen very often). This has never happened to me in League and I play since season 3. This is just an example ( the most extreme one ) of what Nasus can be even if he isn't fed. His comeback potential is off the limits. Edit: I forgot to mention the 10 deaths riven has were because of late game nasus. he would focus her. Riven was not feeding him early. Here's the game if anyone even bothers..

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