Champion balance

Riot should balance stats and rework unplayed champs instead of creating new broken champs. All that bullshit about metas is of course made up by riot and it's really destroying the game. I'm not saying that they shouldn't change things up every season, I'm saying that this game needs more balance. For example tanks should be a bit more immobile while assassins should be able to destroy a single target in matter of seconds. I didn't really enjoy watching worlds this year just because of the poor champion pool. We never get to see surprising picks just because there is meta. So why shouldn't riot just focus on fixing the balance instead of making up a new meta. I think that every champion should have a purpose. Like why should I play {{champion:91}} if I can go {{champion:238}}? It just doesn't make sense. There are many champions that really doesn't have a place in the game. I'm posting this just to see if anyone thinks the same way. Sometimes it just feels like that riot is working around those champions they like themselves, and trying to ignore the rest. Even if we're just talking about skins why should {{champion:154}} have 2 skins while there is champions that have around 5?! It's just kind of unfair to community.
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