Help me please!

So it's a short/long story,I mean that I'm stuck in Silver 4 for a very long time and I want some advices on how to carry my team or how to get myself to gold 5 please help me,reason? I always fiind bad teammates,I am a cheering man,and I always like to ecourage my team but from80 LP i went down to 1 cause i get bad teammates and enemy teammates are usually higher in divisions than my team for example last game I was diana mid vs cho gath counter i owned him but our jungler.... Was a pantheon that made devourer... In ranked i mean really we lost it cause of that item why try something new in ranked? Just to troll? And my mate's are usually : flamers,afk,noobs or just refuse to comunicate to team and insta lock in than loose their lane. I am not a god i make alot of mistakes too but i'd never had made bad item builds... I mean really... Pls help me by giving advices. I main : Ekko,Zed,Diana,Graves,Kalista,Jinx,Thresh,Blitzcrank,Darius,Fiora,Rengar,Kha'zix,Shaco. What should i do.. Most of the times if i'm not jungle my teammates don't even bother doing dragon.. With that panth i begged him to do dragon,we did 1 while enemy team did baron.. Why is this ranking system si toxic and so sad? It's making me rage almost all the time when i fiind these kind of players,wanna play ranked? Practice in normals 100 games on draft pick than play ranked please. Help me with advices guys sorry if story is too long.. :'( :'( how can i get out of silver 4 :'( and go to gold...?
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