A small Yasuo change that might help a little.

Why don't we make Yasuo's Ult be placed on a slightly higher cooldown if he uses a knockup that is provided by a teammate, and not by himself? In fairness it's pretty awesome that he can interact with other champions but pressing R on any tiny knock up (even some displacement spells) spell is not hard to do as long as he's in range. It also kind of takes away the skill that he needs to knock up a target(s) himself. Having a longer CD if he uses a knockup that isn't his own might lower his power slightly, especially at max rank when he can ult basically every 30 seconds. Also, his shield shouldn't refresh upon ulting someone. He's already CCing and dealing damage to the target, why should he get his annoying shield back? He should be as vulnerable as it gets while Ulting someone. Not be given an additional way to protect himself.

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