Still waiting for some counterplay to be added to rengars ultimate

Something needs to be done, no champion should be able to kill any squishy in 0.1 seconds from stealth with a gapcloser the range of tristanas rocketjump one of the best ideas I've seen is simply remove the stealth, but increase the movementspeed buff. making counterplay possible (cc and damage before he does 2.5k damage in .1 seconds) and also makes the ult much more like advertised, something you use to hunt a target down away from their team, not just jump in the middle of an entire team and take one maybe 2 down with you (this could also allow for some buffs to be added to him, like allowing ferocity to build up during ult once like before) At the very least make it so that it allows him to decimate someone without them being able to do something, so make it make a global sound, like Sion and Nocturne .
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