Kindred needs atrention

So Lets talk about my favorite duo in the jungle. Kindred! (And wolf. We all know wolf is the real hero) She got released in October 2015. She got released with her shadowfire skin. Half a year later she gets an Super Galaxy skin. Now more then 3 years later there is no new skin. I feel the comments about: rIoT WaNTs mOnEy, so i did my research. Since season 9 kindred is the 20th most played jungler. As You can see right here: when you look at the list You see all champs above kindred have at least 5 skins. Except Kayn but Kayn is younger and had Odyssey recently. So where is that Kindred skin riot? Dark Star Kindred would be a great chance and would made a great skin. Kind regards. A kindred fan (Who likes wolf more, sorry)
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