Who counters Irelia?

Hi, I don't like Irelia. I find her hard to play against, even when ahead, and boring to play as. But that's Irrelevant. There are a lot of people that do like her and play her and as a result, I'm often facing her top lane. So, who would you pick if you where given the choice?. I played against her recently as Darius. I beat her up pretty bad and went 4/0 against her by about level 9. I had over twice her CS. I was miles ahead of her in terms of items, but as soon as she completed TriForce I couldn't beat her any more. Even with Hydra and Armor Items. This isnt a "omg shes op" rant (even tho I do feel like she has too much in her kit). My point is I just want a few ideas on who to take to have a better chance. Thanks guys.
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