Revived: League of Legends - Chatbot [EDIT / UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] Due to a kind of ban for the account Glitzerfurz, the bot is now to be accessed via the summonername "TheCops". ADD THECOPS INGAME IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS SERVICE!!! Hey dear community, I am back on my project im creating atm. I'm working on a League In - Game chatbot. The project was kind of dead. Well only kind of. Development went slowly and non consistant as I had exams. However, as the title says, the EUW chatbot "TheCops" is back in the game. You could say he moved from an Pre-Alpha to an open Beta test, ready for real player situations. Let me explain to you, what TheCops allready can do: _**Instructions [HOW CAN I CONNECT TO THE BOT?]**_ > > It is very simple. Just add him in League of Legends as friend, like you would normaly do. In the client, click on the button with the little head (which should open up your friend list). Then click on [Add Friend]. Under Summoner Name, enter "Glitzerfurz" (without the "") as the name, then hit the [Add Friend] button. DONE !!! (Not so hard, right =D ) Few seconds after the last step, Glitzerfurz will add you as a new friend. Then he should send you this message: > > Talk to me! ♥ Just write and i will answer /cmd gives u a list of commands Pls upvote the forum post: You are the 23th friend of me ♥☺ Or something similliar. _**What can Glitzerfurz already do?**_ If you want to get a list of commands, just write to him > /cmd At the moment, these are the commands: > > Command-list: -------------------------------- [ADMIN!] /unban "PLAYER" {unbans player from Chomsky} /a [MSG] {contacts all players as an announce} /f {shows all friends of this bot} -------------------------------- /support [MSG] {send a message to the support team} /yn {gives you a yes or a no, 50:50 chance} /m "PLAYER OR REALNAME!" [MESSAGE] {contacts certain player} /chomsky {give you some usefull Chomsky-commands /pstats "PLAYER" {gives information about a player (like lolking) /calc "Math-Operation" {can calculate for you, supports + - / * and ( )| and all JavaScript operators /cmd {shows this dialog} ----------------------------------- _Now an example, with the probably most usefull command at the moment: /pstats_ Enter: > /pstats "GreenSk1ller" _GreenSk1ller would be the targetet Summoner in this scenario!_ Glitzerfurz will reply then: > > Summoner: greensk1ller ID: 38976970 Level: 30 Tier: GOLD V LP: 0 Wins: 66.0 / Losses: 77.0 W/L-Ratio: 0.85714287 -> Wins by 46.153847%! ---------------------------------------------- > > **_BESIDE ALL THE COMMANDS, YOU CAN ALSO CHAT WITH GLITZERFURZ, AS IF HE WOULD BE A REAL HUMAN!!!_** Just write to him in english, and he will answer (like Siri for example). Here is just a short dialog between me and "him": > > [18:31] GreenSk1ller: Hi dude [18:31] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: We have already said hello, haven't we? [18:31] GreenSk1ller: yes I guess so [18:31] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: Does that mean "yes"? [18:31] GreenSk1ller: yes it does [18:31] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: It does? [18:32] GreenSk1ller: ok, what i wanted to ask you is, do you think this is an importent conversation? [18:32] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: I am bored! I would like to talk about solar power. [18:32] GreenSk1ller: no please not [18:32] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: OK, here is a question for you ... What's brown, has a hump, and lives at the North Pole? [18:32] GreenSk1ller: i dont know [18:32] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: A lost camel? [18:32] GreenSk1ller: maybe [18:32] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: You seem uncertain? [18:32] GreenSk1ller: well you told me this joke [18:32] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: I don't remember doing that but my memory is terrible these days. [18:33] GreenSk1ller: whats the time [18:33] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: In Cambridge where I am, the time is: 17:33:30 PM. [18:33] GreenSk1ller: who is barack obama [18:33] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: <a href="" target="_blank">Barack Obama</a> is the President of the USA. [18:34] GreenSk1ller: league of legends [18:34] Glitzerfurz: [Chomsky]: <a href="" target="_blank">League of Legends</a> is a real-time strategy action video game. So that should summ up most of the questions to this project. I would really like to see YOU as a new friend of Glitzerfurz. I am not sure (or at least don't want to tell you) what future commands would look like. But maybe you have also some verry valuable ideas you want to tell me ? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} Just hack them into the comment section. And if you enjoy this project please upvote this thread. At the moment, I try to host this bot 24/7 from my raspberry pi, however down times are still possible, most of the time for adding new content or fixing bugs. So just add him and maybe be patient, this project isn't dead! Thank you and I wish you could luck in the rift. ~GreenSk1ller
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