It is IMPOSSIBLE to get an S on Soraka!

So i have come to the conclusion that getting an S grade on Soraka is completely impossible. Below i have posted screenshots of recent games which i have WON, but somehow have gotten only A grades on. ALL of these games are VICTORIES! ALL of them with an A grade. I cannot even comprehend how a score of 2/1/36 is not S worthy. Maybe i should have farmed more. Oh wait, I'M NOT ALLOWED TO FARM. Maybe i should have gotten more kills. OH WAIT, I'M NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE KILLS. I also read that the grade system compares you to other players in your region. Well, too bad Soraka isn't popular anymore and the system has almost nobody to compare me to. The biggest problem with the grading system is that it favors kill counts and farm. If you get 10/0/XX you get an S. If you have over 300 farm, you will probably get an S. And this is where Soraka gets screwed over. She isn't exactly what i would call a killing machine, and that autoacttack travel speed makes sure i don't get a good last hit. But it's not just Soraka that gets screwed by the system. ANY support that doesn't deal a TON of damage will most likely not get an S, because their KDA doesn't match that of an assassin. Also, someone told me that jungle monsters are worth more then lane minions. By this logic, the jungler will have an easier time getting the S? And if i want an S on Soraka i can just take her jungle? NO! This grading system is unfair and unjust towards support players. And i will not stand being mocked by it when i have obviously porven my ability to carry games as a support. And i DEMAND that the system is fixed. Sincerely, a VERY frustrated Soraka main. _Almighty._

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