Why Senna has a good concept but shouldn't be released. In ever.

Senna Reveal - The Redeemer| New Champion
Source: https://boop.pl/league-of-legends/tak-wygladaja-umiejetnosci-senny-oficjalne-filmy-z-ich-pokazaniem-op The new champion Senna is here! Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the amazon affiliate program (NA): https://amzn.to/2qZ3Bmv Senna is hitting the PBE later today!
So first up, I like the design but damn the kit is too much of everything. PERSONAL OPINION She's Thresh and Swain in one by just having the passive that gives her Range, AD and Crit Chance over time by absorbing basically Thresh souls, though it seems she has to manually click them. Essentially Thresh souls + Swain Stun attack. Her Q is piercing through her allies (maybe minions) and appears to stop after it hits an enemy champ. Lucian Q but in a skillshot that heals herself, allies and damages her foes. Why should it heal her? No clue. Her W is a skillshot that latches onto the first enemy hit and after a delay, becomes and AOE Snare. Again. Why Aoe? No Clue. Oh also it becomes instant if you last hit a minion (or enemy champs?) with it. Her E is at first a Pyke W without the healing, so kinda like an akali shroud. Gives Camouflage and Movespeed. HOWEVER. If Allies walk into that cloud and leave it they are shown as spoopy ghosts until they attack or get close. No jungler has a chance of really ganking cause you just press one button and now they cant attack cause you get MS. Camouflage you know. Why is this a problem? You essentially make all 4 members of you team UNCLICKABLE and all look the same. Sounds fun for anything that doesn't have 5 dashes *looks at most adcs* And now to her Ult. In short : Big Boi global laser. A bit more explained : It's a laser that has a cast time of about 1.5s, is as wide as a lane and is global. This thing will Shiels your allies and deal damage to enemies that are in the center of it. Why would this be an issue? You can shield your entire team from the looks of it and also deal damage to all enemies that are in the center line? Overkit much? I personally think that her kit offers too much of everything. She shields, heals, snares, pokes and does Global dmg and shields. And i personally would not want to waste a ban on this every single game cause it just looks way too broken. They have to either: Make the stats low on everything, or rework the different parts a bit cause else it'll be worse than Yuumi. -> A champ you just can't balance. If you read till here congrats You get a virtual cookie with a poro on top
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