Orange Essence Changes you probably didn't notice.

So as many of you haven't noticed yet cause Rito was kind enough to hide (almost) all the information about it. The Orange Essence you get from disenchating skin shards has been reduced from 33% of its value to 20% of its value. **This is a 40% decrease on the amount of essence you get**. Riot posted a Preseason Update Guide talking about all the useful stuff we need to know about the new **leveling system** and about the new **runes** and the **Blue Essence changes** but only had one little reference (about half a line) talking about this matter. [link here]( . If you go ahead and ctrl+f on this page and search for "orange" you will find no results. If you do the same thing for "skin" you get 5 and only one of them is refering to the change I'm talking about. So in a 1.5k word post they couldn't fit a proper paragraph talking about this change. That seems kind of suspicious to me. Just saying you know... Just saying... Now let's take a look at a more important thing. **WHY?** Why is riot is reducing the value of skin shards and incidentally the amount of free stuff we get? Riot's answers was that with the new season **events** and with the **honor capsules** you are getting way too much stuff so they had to reduce it, but you are basically getting the same stuff still. So 3 points here: * Firstly, what is the reward for being honorable? What is the point of participating in the events? You are not awarding people for being honorable. You are punishing people that aren't. And yeah that's a good thing but it should work the other way around too. Riot is rewarding people by not punishing them. * Secondly, if you are going to make it so that we get the same amount of stuff we did get before the changes then what is the point of all of these changes? * Lastly, and I don't know if I'm right on this but i'm pretty sure I am. Riot is basically reducing orange essence by 40% and I am pretty sure I'm not getting 40% more skin shards than I did. You can correct me if I'm wrong. So this is basically a whole lot of fuss for nothing. Riot's "development team" is working on NOTHING. And, yes I know, you might say "Riot is giving away free stuff even though they don't have to, so stop complaining like a spoiled little kid." But that's not the point here. The point is the excuses they give. And most importantly when Riot makes changes like these they should inform people properly and not try to hide stuff (intentionally in my opinion). To sum up Riot is greedy, Donald Trump is not my president and_ better nerf Irelia_. Edit: Check this [post]( with a Rioter desperately trying to defend the changes. Edit2: Forgot to mention this cause it doesn't really apply to me. What about people that buy lootboxes with RP? They just got scammed of their money. The thing they bought lost 40% of its value. I have posted this on general discussion too, but I feel like noone goes there. I think the reason for that is that it's impossible. There is nowhere you can click on the boards main page to take you to general discussion.
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