TFT matchmaking is bad beyond belief and ranks dont mean anything.

In TFT I just started playing and was placed in iron 1. When I play I get matched with like 6 gold players. I should be getting +lp for getting last place. Is iron vs gold players what you would consider competitive matchmaking? It would be very very unusual for a iron player to beat out gold players. So what would I have gotten +500 lp for winning then? Hell, that would only bring me to bronze, I guess like 1200lp for winning would be more right. and no lp loss for loosing a match that by all estimations I should loose. But nah, -16 lp for a iron player loosing against a bunch of gold players. I guess I deserve to drop a division in iron because I'm not good enough to beat people 3 leagues above me. I mean I must be iron 2, because only a iron 2 would loose to 6 gold players, an Iron 1 player should win against that no problem. Yes this is sarcasm, no this logic does not work, feel like I have to spell that out.
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