How I Lost My Team a Game, Seeking Advice.

So I was playing Kindred again after not touching her since forever (Used to play her on release for a week and never touched her since) and I was having the time of my life, 10 stacks by 24 minutes, ganking left and right and by the end I was about 11/5 in KD. We were crushing, I was so sure we were going to win and I felt pride in my capacity to carry. Then the team pinged Baron. They wanted to do it early, and I knew for a fact it was a terrible idea since their whole team was up and we couldnt see any of them, but they had no wards and at this point I figured we were so ahead itd be fine. So of course the Kayn popped in and stole it, their team aced ours, and we immediately lost after they broke all 3 towers and an inhib down mid. What sucks wasnt that it was a bad call, or even the fact that we lost, it was because we lost to such an avoidable steal because only after I lost did I remember that kindreds ult prevents Baron dying to smite, and I forgot that. Now its just one game, they didnt even flame, but Ive felt terrible knowing I lost it for my team, what do you reccomend doing to alleviate the shitty feeling?
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