Why isnt Riot making skins for the champions that need them?

I don't normally write anything on the boards for fear of being berated by people, but I find it really upsetting that Sivir got Pizza delivery in April and Shaco (my fav champ) hasn't gotten one since May 2015. He is the perfect candidate for getting a blood moon skin, he already has a mask and is evil what more do you need? It's not like he isn't being played a lot either. Shaco has been a dominant jungler for most of 2018 so I don't see any reason why he shouldn't get a skin. I'm simply frustrated to see champs like Lux and Sivir get skins multiple times a year and champs like Shaco and Yorick get nothing for multiple years. I know its great that Riot give us skins at all but I would like to see some diversification in the champions they pick to give skins to.
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