So i just won an insane ranked game

ennemy raped us in the first 25 mins can't anything more our bot lane were like 0/17 both combined our bot inhibitor gone in like 20 mins , we havent destroyed a single turret yet we only had like 4 turrets left besides the nexus turrets kills diffirence of 30 . '' we won '' :O As i was playing zed , i completely destroyed thier jhin he even started crying , everytime i ulti him = jhin dead i survive with 100 hp i did that like 4 times and probably we won the teamfights cause i shut down thier carry they understimated us so much and our team was {{champion:238}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:267}} corki did so much dmg even when he was like 1/8 , yeah i wont forget the yi who managed to 1v1 jhin easily ....
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