Riot's un/fair stance

Hi guys, since afaik copying tickets from Riot Support into here is forbidden, I'll tell you a story. Me and my friend were playing solo/duoQ together. It was fun. We got a 4 win streak, but then I had to go. My friend kept playing, as he was gold 2 and still wants to reach plat 5 by the end of the season. In these 4 games we won, I've noticed end lobby never loads properly - wins and losses were missing, also LP gains kept loading. We agreed on that it's just some kind of a client issue, as the games kept adding properly into match history. Without informing each other, we both sent a heads-up to Riot Support. You know, something like "hey, this doesn't work, guess you know about it". A day later, response came. A response that the issue was on Riot's side, the games didn't load properly and the LP gains from the victories are gone. No way to get them back. I don't really mind that much. I'm plat already, gave up diamond for this season, will try it in the next one. But my friend was not happy, as he played more games that day, won majority of them and these would have set him very close to plat. Alright though, let's play some more. In his first game, he lost. And he dropped to gold 3, despite he should've been shielded from that if client ignored the past wins. He politely updated the ticket. Response came, that Riot is sorry for that but still cannot do anything about it. __________ Now yeah, I get it's impossible for Riot employees to directly mess with ranked ladders. But what bugs me, is that **NOTHING** was posted about the issue, that apparently happened to more players and _was quite serious_ tbh. No one got any article about how Riot is sorry and what they'll do to compensate. Let's just keep quiet about this issue. Ssssshhhh. Maybe we won't have to compensate for it. Now ok, Riot, I know you're doing a great job on this game. But come on... either EUNE is really an unwanted region, or I don't know. Bad Riot. No cookies. {{item:2054}}
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