Since catch up xp was disabled supports are lagging behind in xp again?

Now, This could just be my imagination, but i can't help but feel that since catch up xp was disabled supports are basically punished for roaming and warding again. If you don't stay in lane or after laning phase is over with your adc 24/7 you will lag behind in XP. Thats what I liked about previous seasons, being able to at least keep up with the rest of your team in levels. Now if a game isn't going as planned and your team is behind you are even further behind (3-4 levels) and by mid/ end game you've basically become irrelevant. This reminds me of the earlier seasons where playing support was a drag just because of this, I think the catch up xp is part of the reason why people don't hate supporting as much anymore. Now I totally get that the previous system was unbalanced, you could basically never fall behind in levels. But I think there might be a solution for this if other players experience this as well. Something like an extra upgrade when you complete the final item building out of any of the 3 support items / complete the gold quest tied to those support items that give you more experience when you're more than 2 levels behind on the average level of your team. This makes sure that you don't become irrelevant / are punished less exp-wise when you roam or ward, tying it to final tier support items would also make sure that other team members can't abuse the catch up experience. So your team will still be behind on the enemy on levels, the support will just be less far behind on the rest of the team. Again, this might just be me imagining things.
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